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PS3 Flashing Red Light

The PS3 flashing red light is playstation 3’s ultimate culprit when it comes to spoiling the fun of video game players. It brings frustrations when your playstation 3 will just die on you while you are on the middle of fun, and this PS3 flashing red light is common to playstation 3 consoles, just like [...]

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How to Unlock Wii for Free

Are you looking for a guide on how to unlock Wii for free? If yes then you came to the right place, continue reading for further instruction. You have a Wii Console and wanted to push it a bit further, the Wii console is a sleeping beauty; it has countless capabilities of turning into a [...]

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PS3 YLOD FIX -PS3 Yellow Light of Death Remedy

Is your PS 3 frustrating you? If yes then you definitely need a PS3 YLOD FIX, nothing is more dreadful to a video game player than a PS3 Yellow Light Of Death. Just when you’re enjoying   a game when suddenly your Play Station 3 just died on you, it’s pure frustration right? So how do [...]

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Professor Layton and the Unwound Future Walkthrough

Professor Layton and the Unwound Future is so addictive but sometimes hard to get by the puzzles, with 165 built-in-puzzles you need the  Professor Layton and the Unwound Future Walkthrough to help you beat the game without scratching your head so much. I found this guide while searching how to get past of the puzzles [...]

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Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

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Assasin’s Creed: Brotherhood for Xbox 360 is an epic action game in a present and historical time setting. You will be playing the role of the leader of a renaissance-era guild of assassins that seeks vengeance against the remaining Knights Templar. Game Setting: Italy, Primarily in Rome. Key Game…

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Call of Duty Black Ops

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Call of Duty Black Ops is out and is on the number 1, 2 and 3 top spots of for the three gaming platforms; XBOX 360, PS3 and PC. It features single player, local versus multiplayer and online coop multiplayer. If you’re fan of Call of Duty game series, you will definitely fall in [...]

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GOLDEN EYE 007: Re-Living The Classic Through Games

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Golden Eye 007 legend comes to life once more with reorganized single player plot. It’s time to do covert operation and surprise your enemies and you may also choose to engage in a full firefight. Utilize Bond’s gadget to uncover Intel. Relive the classic Golden Eye 007 movie moments, infiltrate, blow, chase and destroy. Here [...]

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Kinect for Xbox 360 | Controller Free Gaming Experience

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Kinect for Xbox 360 or Kinect enables users to control and interact with the Xbox 360 without touching a game controller. The user or gamer may use gestures, spoken commands or presented objects and images to have a controller-free gaming and entertainment experience. Microsoft developed Kinect to broaden Xbox 360’s audience and as an answer [...]

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Fable III released for xbox 360

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Hey there, Fable III has just been released and available on XBOX 360. In the world of Fable III, you will embark on an epic adventure, be a hero, make a choice and prepare for the consequences. The game looks addictive because of the immersion that could took place between the game and the player. [...]

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