Protect your Online Accounts from Wireless Network Crackers

firesheep https everywhere

Who doesn’t want free Wi-Fi access? If you could get it for free, why have to pay, right? We’ll it depends, accessing unsecured networks which is common in coffee shops, libraries, malls, bars and other public places could be fatal. Why? Crackers or wannabe hackers could install a Firefox plug-in named Firesheep that reveals those currently connected on the network and could retrieve information from cookies that contain data from your previous sessions from unencrypted websites such Facebook and Twitter.

Protect yourself by installing a Firefox Extension called HTTPS Everywhere.

And if you have your own Wi-Fi access point or a wireless router, don’t forget to put security access or password in it.

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dimaks November 11, 2010 at 8:27 am

Dude, this is a great tech find. I never really thought of the tools like these. so from now on, I will be installing one on my fox browser. Any idea if I use Chrome instead?
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igoydude November 11, 2010 at 9:56 am

As i was looking for an answer to your question, i found this.
“Our understanding is that the Chrome extensions API does not support request rewriting. That means that there is currently no way to write a secure version of HTTPS Everywhere without modifying the Chrome source code. However, Chrome’s developers have shown interest in supporting extensions of this sort, so this limitation may change in a future version of Chrome.” -

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