Globe Broadband Enhancement Maintenance is a Hassle

Our internet connection, Globe Broadband has been down since we resume office last November 2. Until now there is no internet connection and no dial tone on the phone despite of complains forwarded to Globe Broadband Technical Support. I called the Globe Broadband Technical Support and  their reason is always the same, “sorry for the inconvenience, there is nothing we can do about it, we can’t give you a definite time on when your internet connection will be back to normal”?? So I answered back, “what the heck is wrong with you people, you are killing your subscribers”. Ok, that’s an exaggeration on my part but is it not the truth? What if our office happens to be an internet cafe’, what do you think would happen to our business without internet for almost three weeks? Our business would die die die, buried not just six feet under the ground but totally reduced to ashes.

Globe Broadband or their sub contractors who are conducting the Enhancement Maintenance should have advised every subscriber before they started unplugging all those stuff inside the cabinet, i don’t even know what to call it.

Tons of online tasks are pending because of the hassles brought about by the so called Enhancement Maintenance. My office mate’s farms have gone from paradise to jungle, withered plants and unmilked cows, dingos and hyenas everywhere,  piles of gifts and surprises from neighbors waiting to be opened, I don’t know if they still exist when our internet connection returns, maybe they’ll be gone by then like a player losing by default because of inattentiveness. Maybe my office mates already forgot how their avatars look like, they surely miss them much.

Seriously, internet intermittent this long could kill an online business or business dependent online. I hope Globe Broadband would be considerate next time they conduct Enhancement Maintenance and the like to at least advise their subscribers and indemnify them as needed, rebate is good but not good enough considering the time and money lost by the subscribers because of an unfortunate event that happens beyond their control.

I’ll end this post right here and wait for Globe Broadband Internet to comeback. I’ll update this post if nothing happens until Monday next week.

We are already applying for another ISP, a much much better one, stable and responsible with an excellent technical support, not just on phone but onsite, yeah baby onsite technical support.

PS: On my experience, Globe Broadband Internet is amazing when it comes to speed, it’s the frequent downtime that turns me off.

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