GOLDEN EYE 007: Re-Living The Classic Through Games

GoldenEye 007

Golden Eye 007 legend comes to life once more with reorganized single player plot. It’s time to do covert operation and surprise your enemies and you may also choose to engage in a full firefight. Utilize Bond’s gadget to uncover Intel. Relive the classic Golden Eye 007 movie moments, infiltrate, blow, chase and destroy.

Here are Golden Eye 007 Key Features

  • BRINGING MULTIPLAYER BACK TO ITS ROOTS. – Splitscreen returns to the first person shooter in GoldenEye – 4 players in the same room, on the same screen. The extensive variety of characters, game modes and weapons lets you customize the perfect experience from over 500 split screen game combinations
  • 40 unique characters: Play as your favorite Bond characters and villains, including 8 classic characters – Oddjob, Jaws, Scaramanga, Baron Samedi, Dr. No, Rosa Klebb, Red Grant, and Blofeld
  • 17 special game modifiers: Mix and match to create a unique gaming experience every time you play. Put a twist on standard game types with special modes like Paintball, Melee Only and You Only Live Twice
  • A vast arsenal of weapons and gadgets: Eliminate adversaries with Bond’s signature P99 and an assortment of automatic and sniper rifles, or ensure a surprise attack with proximity mines
  • Online multiplayer: GoldenEye also features online multiplayer for up to 8 players designed for seasoned FPS online gamers with unique modes and a robust XP system for unlockables and achievements

Golden Eye 007 is available on the following platform: IP, PC, PS2, PS3, PSP, X360, DS, MOBILE, WII

Meanwhile, check out this Golden Eye 007 Game review from IGN

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