How to Assemble a Computer -Part 2

computer assembly

On the part 1 of  how to assemble a computer tutorial,  we have learned how to attach the essential hardware that forms a computer.  Learning how to connect the parts together will make it easier for you when attaching the parts to the casing.

Prepare the casing and lets proceed with the tutorial.

1. Attach the back panel plate that comes with the mother board at the back of the case. Make sure to attach it firmly because this will be your guide when attaching the motherboard inside the case.

CPU Casing

System Unit Case

Back Panel Plate

Well attached back panel plate

2. Carefully attach the motherboard inside the casing, make sure all the ports fit the holes on the back panel plate. Secure the motherboard with screws. Be very careful when handling the screw driver, you might hit the small parts of the motherboard that may damage the hardware.

Back Panel

Secure the motherboard with screws

Keeping the motherboard intact on the case with screws.

… the motherboard should look like this, properly attached inside the case.


3. Take the front panel connectors and attach it to the motherboard, refer to your motherboard manual for a detailed guide on how to do this.

Front Panel Connectors

Front Panel Connectors

The image below shows an example of how the front panel connectors are attached to panel 1. These are the connections to the power button, reset, hdd and power led. If you lost the motherboard manual, you can always refer to the direction sketched on the motherboard.

Front Panel Connection

Front Panel Connection

4.Attach the hard disk drive on the hdd drive bay. Don’t forget to attach the screws. Always use blunt screws.

Attaching the HDD

Attaching the Hard Disk Drive

5.Attach the optical drive (cd rom/dvdrom)

Atthacing the DVD ROM


6. Now, attach the power supply unit, be careful not to hit the motherboard when inserting the power supply unit to the case. Don’t forget to screw.

Attach the Power Supply Unit

Attach the Power Supply Unit

Screwing the Power Supply Unit

Screwing the Power Supply Unit

7. Attach the video card if you have one, an agp video card will only fit on a motherboard with agp slot, this are older version and almost Jurassic compared to today’s generation of video cards. Most motherboard today comes with a build in video adapter and pci-express video adapter slot.

Attaching the Video Card

Attaching the Video Card

8.Attach the SATA connector to the Hard Disk Drive and to the Motherboard, connect the sata power cable provided by the power supply to the hard disk drive.

Attaching HDD connectors

Attaching the HDD connectors

9.Connect the IDE cable for the Optical Drive, this is not applicable if you have a SATA optical drive.

IDE cable

IDE cable for the optical drive

4 pin molex to the dvd drive

Connect the 4 pin molex to the cd/dvd rom drive

10. Connect he 20/24 pin power connector to the mother board, this has a fool proof mechanism so the power cable won’t fit if done the wrong way. Also, connect the 4 pin p4_12v power connector.

Connect the 20/24 pin power connecto to the motherboard

Connect the 20/24 pin power connecto to the motherboard

4pin p4 12v power connector

4pin p4 12v power connector

11. We’re done, our work would look like this, see the messy wires on the left part of the image? doesn’t look good right? Make it look neat by tying them together and make sure no wire is obstructing the cpu fan, this could cause an overheat.

Assmbled cpu

After everything is attached, keep the wires tidy.

12. That’s it, were basically done. Our new CPU (also referred as System Unit) is assembled and we are now ready to install the operating system. Click here for my tutorial on how to Install Windows XP.

Computer Set

Computer Set- After the hardware assembly

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