How to install Windows 7

windows 7

On the previous tutorials, you have learned how to install windows xp via cd-rom drive and usb drive. In this tutorial, we are going to install Windows 7. The installation of Windows 7 is as easy as windows xp, not so technical, all you have to do is follow my guide and you’ll be just fine. Ok, lets begin with the step by step guide on How to install Windows 7.

Before we begin, make sure to set the boot sequence to CD-ROM/DVD-ROM as the first boot priority so when your computer starts, the first thing it will do is to read your cd-rom/dvd-rom drive.

1. After setting the boot sequence from BIOS, insert the installation disc, windows 7 setup will start to load.

Windows 7 Installation - Booting

2.After booting, windows 7 setup will prompt you to select the language you prefer, time and currency format and keyboard or input method. Select what you think is most applicable to you. Click next to continue.

3. Click the install now button to proceed with the installation process.

Setup is now starting

4.Windows 7 is now being installed. This could take minutes to complete, the speed of you current system will determine how long the installation process will take.

5. Windows 7 setup will restart your computer after performing some installation process. When prompted to boot from cd or dvd, do nothing, never press any key, pressing any key will bring you back to the firs windows 7 installation process.

6. After the restart, windows 7 will complete the installation. And will go for another restart.

7. You will see the “Press any key to boot from CD or DVD…” window below, again, do not press any key. Just wait for it do boot on its own, by this time the installation of Windows 7 is almost done.

8. After restarting for the second time, Windows 7 will now load.

9. I used windows 7  home basic, and the image below says so. If you use Windows 7 Ultimate or a different version, it doesn’t matter, the installation process is still the same. Go ahead and type in a user name you would want to create. Click next to continue.

Click next to continue

10. You may choose to set the password for the user now or later. Click next to continue.

Windows 7 Installation - Passpword

11. Now it’s time to type in or enter your Windows 7 product key. Make sure to keep your Windows 7 cd-key as you will need this when reinstalling windows 7. You may choose to automatically activate windows once connected to the internet, or uncheck the box to activate windows 7 manually. Click the next button to continue.

12.Choose your windows 7 security setting as shown below, you may opt to play with the setting later, so choose ask me later.

13. Choose your preferred time zone, the date and time. Click next to continue.

Windows 7 Installation - Date & Time

14. Choose the appropriate Windows 7 Network setting for your computer.

Windows 7 Installation - Network Setting

15. Windows 7 is now connecting to your network and applying setting.

Windows 7 Installation - Connecting to Network

16.Windows 7 will now finalize all settings that you have chosen.

Windows 7 Installation - Finalyzing setting

17. Windows 7 Installation Complete, congratulations! Your computer is now running windows 7.

Windows 7 Installation - Finally Installed

Windows 7 finally Installed

How easy was that. ^_^. Please share if you learned something from this tutorial. Thank you.

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