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Installing Windows XP is not as hard as you think it is,  all you have to do is go through the tutorial. Before you begin, make sure to prepare your Windows XP installation CD and have your CD-KEY or Product License ready, also make sure that you have the mother board and other hardware drivers with you.

Since you are installing Windows XP via the CD-ROM Drive from boot up, you need to change the boot sequence of your computer, making CD-ROM or DVD-ROM Drive the No.1 boot priority.  You can do that by going to your bios setup,  if you have no idea on how to change the boot sequence, click here for the tutorial on how to change the boot priority.

How to Install Windows XP via CD-ROM Drive

1. Change your computer’s boot sequence,  making CD-ROM or DVD-ROM as the no.1 boot priority. Save the BIOS .

2. Hit any key to boot from CD-ROM drive.

3. When you reach the Windows XP Installation Welcome screen, press enter to continue.

4. Press F8 when you reach the  Windows XP Installation End-User License Agreement. You could also scroll down if you wish to read what the EULA is all about.

5. On the partition list screen, you can see your computer’s hard drive, if your hard drive is not yet formatted it should appear similar to the image below.  Highlight the partitioned space and press C to create a partition.

A hard disk drive can be partitioned into more than one virtual hard disk drive, which means a single physical hard disk drive will appear as multiple hard disk drives virtually.  For example: If you partition a 160GB hard disk in to one, you will only have a single partition with 160GB of space, in which the default is drive C, but if you partition the hard disk drive into two partitions with 50% of the total disk space for each, you will have a drive C and drive E, with 80GB of space for each drive. You can create 2 or more partitions but keep in mind to allot enough space for drive c for windows to perform better and for other software to be installed.

6. In this tutorial, I am going to show how to create two (2) partitions, one for drive C and one for drive E. Since I have a 120GB of hard disk space

Note: 120 GB won’t be shown exactly as 120000 MB but may be shown lesser like the one below with  119994 MB, anyway only little space is taken away

Since we are going to create two partitions, I am allotting 60GB to Partition 1 or Drive C. Press enter to create the partition.

7. We have create our first partition, the image below tells us that it is Drive C: Parition 1 with a 60001 MB of space. We still have an unpartitioned space with 59993MB of space, highlight the partition and press C to create another partition.

8. Now let us use the remaing space to create partition two which will be drive E in this tutorial. Just press enter to create the second partition.

9. Creation of partition is done, we have drive C and drive E, we are going to install Windows XP in drive C so select drive C and press Enter.

10. Before the installation will begin, the partition needs to be formatted. In this tutorial, we are going to do a quick format (NTFS)  since we have a fresh hard disk, but if you are installing on a  used hard disk, it is best to use the full format method. Always use NTFS when formatting unless you have a program that will only run on FAT32. NTFS can read a single file with more than 4GB of size, FAT32 cannot. ex: HD Videos

Formatting on Progress

11. After formatting, setup will automatically copy the needed files to proceed with the installation.

12. After copying, the computer will restart, you should not press any key, otherwise the installation will be restarted from welcome screen.

Windows Booting to the main installation process

13.  Windows installation has now begin. Sit and Relax. ^_^

14. If you get to the regional and language option, just press next to continue.

15. Now type in your name and your company, or anything you like where the computer and Windows XP will be registered to. Click Next to Continue.

16. Now enter your product key or you windows XP license on the boxes provided. Make sure you have entered the correct key.  Click next to continue.

17. Now, give your computer a nice name, go ahead any type on the box provided.  Let’s leave the administrator password for now, click next to continue.

18.  Set the date & time, or you could leave it as is. To continue click Next.

19. On Networking Settings, choose typical setting and click next.

20.  On Workgroup or Computer Domain, just leave the default value and click next to continue.

21. Windows Setup will restart the computer  for the second time, again, don’t press any key. Installation is almost done.

22.  After the second boot, installation is already complete, all you have to do is choose the setting you wish, follow the on-screen instructions.

Display Setting: Click Ok

Monitor Setting, Click Ok.

23. On the protect pc screen, choose Not right now, you can update your windows XP OS later.

24. Now create a user, it could be your name or your dog’s name. You can create more than one user. After that you’re done.

25. Finally, windows XP is installed on your computer. How easy was that? ^_^. I hope you learned something today, feel free to comment on this tutorial, or shoot your questions if the instructions is not clear enough.

Next thing to do is install your hardware drivers  so everything would run smooth. Click here to view the tutorial on Hardware Driver Installation.

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