How to recover your files if your computer fails to boot

There are so many software and techniques available online on how to recover your files but on this tutorial, I am going to show you how to use Hiren’s Boot CD to recover your files, lets say when your windows operating system crashed and you can’t boot to the windows environment.

This is what you do.

1. Insert Hiren’s Boot CD and set cdrom or dvdrom as the 1st boot priority from you bios setup.

2. Choose “Start Mini Windows XP

Hiren's boot cd menu

3.After booting, you will get to the mini Windows XP Desktop. It’s looks just like windows xp running on your computer right?

Mini Windows Desktop, running on a live CD

4.That’s it you can see your disk drives, now what you do is look for your files and copy them to an external disk or move them to drive d since you’ll be installing your operating system on drive c, and if you do a reformat on drive c, your files will still be safe in drive d.

MyComputer, It shows your disk partitions

To backup the entire user account goto Documents and Settings and look for the account name you want to back up.

The image below shows that the computer has an account named “John” and inside John’s account exists his desktop and my documents folder where most of the time, files are stored. So copy those folder and paste them somewhere safe such as your external usb drive, flash drive or on other local drive partition.

Account's desktop and documents

That’s it, another way on how to recover your files.

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