KVM SWITCH for the multi tasking techie


Our office recently purchased a KVM Switch (KVM-Keyboard, Video, Mouse) a D-Link DKVM-4K. I was so amazed with what I can do with the KVM Switch, this machine enables me to work on several system units with one computer monitor. With the 4 port KVM Switch I can reformat and re-install 4 system units simultaneously and with the convenience of not having to move around, all I have to do is press the button to cycle the view from one system to the other.

A KVM Switch is also ideal when saving space since you only need one computer monitor, a keyboard and a mouse for multiple system units. It saves electricity, space, and energy.

My only complain about this cool machine is the cycle button, you have to press 3 times to switch the view to the next System Unit when using a 4 port KVM Switch with only 2 system units attached.

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