Office Computers Damaged by Lightning

One rainy afternoon, a lightning struck an electric post near our office and the transformer exploded. Our electric current was not affected, it did not fluctuate at all but to my surprise my computer went off and my co-worker was shouting madly because the same thing happened to her while in the middle of rushing a report.

Before we went home, i tried to open my computer but it did not start, so i speculated that the power supply was busted until the next morning when i interchanged the power supplies that i found out about the fried motherboard. My other co-workers asked me to check their computer as most of them wont start and found out that most have busted power supply, some have damaged network adapter and busted UPS. Our 16 port D-link Switch and D-link wireless router was also damaged and no longer usable.

Here is the list of our hardware casualties ^_^ :

  • 1  motherboard
  • 2  power supply
  • 1 wireless router
  • 1 built in LAN adapter
  • 1 ups
  • 16 port switch

After the incident, we made sure that no computers are switched on when there is lightning to avoid damages to  hardware unless something important needs to be done.

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