Tips to protect your online accounts from key loggers

My brother kept complaining about his face book account being hacked and can no longer login. This happened to him twice, I asked him if he accessed his account on a computer shop prior to the incident and he said yes, I told him it’s probably a key logger.

What is a key logger?

A key logger is one way of stealing user accounts, ex: email user name and password, facebook account, twitter, online bank accounts ,etc.

How does it work?

A key logger records your keystrokes and sends it on the internet or the email of the person who configured the key logger. That person with malicious or criminal intent could easily browse through the log file and find your user name and password, that’s how he gets access to your accounts.

How does my computer get infected with a key logger?

Simple, someone could just send you an email with a very interesting subject, most of the time with an attachment, that attachment contains the key logger installer and once you access or click it, it will automatically install itself, making you vulnerable to theft. Before opening an email message, make sure you know or trust the sender.

How do I protect myself from key loggers?

  1. Update your anti-virus program.
  2. Always scan attachments that you download from your email.
  3. Do not give your email address to people you meet online such as online games unless they are your friends and you trust them. Key loggers are often used by online game players to steal other players’ accounts.
  4. Avoid warez sites, most of them could infect your computer in an instant.
  5. Do not type in directly your user name and password, make it hard for key loggers to decipher your account, you could type in random words, highlight it and type your real account.
    ex: if your username is bigmike, you could type bigboymike, highlight boy and delete it. In this way the key logger will record your user name as bigboymike which is not really your user name, do the same with your password.

I hope you learned something from this post, do leave a comment. Chow!

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